We are Tea & Patrick, a couple who loves to play all sorts of games. We do this with each other, against each other and alone when necessary. We also enjoy playing with our ragtag group of friends but mostly together.

After spending a couple of years playing games together, we found that some games, despite being for a minimum of 2 players, were no fun. To help all others like us, who mostly play games with just other person, we decided to make this website.

Below you can find a short backstory for both of us.

Happy playing!


Height 1.68m
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Magus
Alignment Chaotic neutral
  • Creative
  • Wise
  • Deadly
  • Books
  • Yarn
  • Tickles
Weapon of choice Korean sword

Just your regular overexcited friend. Who also loves to be creative and happend to be a black belt martial artist. If angered, present books as gifts to remain in good grace.


Height 1.95m
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Ranger
Alignment Neutral good
  • Loyal
  • Kind
  • Precise
  • Birds
  • Games
  • Books
Weapon of choice Bow & arrows

That one guy that'll carry your ass to the end of the finish. Just make sure to never touch his bird with the bad intention or you'll have an arrow flying your way in no time (and the bird attacking you ofcourse).