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Welcome to our first review. We are very excited to tell you about one of the games we played a lot. (When I say a lot, I mean a lot)

Today we will tell you about Hero Realms. In Hero Realms, you are a resident in the city of Thandar. Your goal is to stay alive and to eliminate your opponents.

The city is divided into four factions.

Guild faction: A crime syndicate

Necros faction: A group of demon worshipers

Imperial faction: What is left of the once-great army

Wild faction: Everything that can be found in the forests around the city

Each faction works well with others in their faction. Which can give them combo bonuses. Each faction has both champions and actions they undertake.

To gain champions and actions you have to go buy them at the market. Make sure you invest your precious gold well.


Each player starts with an identical 10 card deck. The person who goes first gets to draw 3 cards from his/her deck. The other player(s) draw 5. A card can contain one or more of the following symbols:

Hero Realms Health Icon Health: Add the number to your total health

Hero Realms Combat Icon Combat: Choose a player or their champion to deal damage to. The player has to subtract the damage from their health, if you target a champion, you have to make sure you can take them out or they will heal themselves before the next turn!

Hero Realms Gold Gold: Use the gold to buy more actions and champions from the market

On top of these symbols, a card can have an effect written on it. They are pretty self-explanatory.

When you played all the cards you had in your hand and used their effects, you put all the cards, except the champions, in your discard pile. The cards you bought from the market you bought also go there. You now draw 5 cards from your deck. If you don't have 5 cards in your deck you take the cards you do have and shuffle your discard pile so it becomes your deck.

If you plan your strategy well you will take out your competition and win the game.

Hero Realms Giant

Our opinion

The game is easy to play and quick, which makes it very nice to play if we need to kill some time or aren't feeling like a heavy game. The mechanics are very solid although the rules about preparing a champion can be kinda confusing as the rules don't go into it enough.

With how the mechanics of the game work it can be difficult at times to draw what you need, or even to find something in the market. This especially happens when high-cost cards dominate the market early in the game.

But all by all, it's an amazing game that you should definitely give it a try for the cheap price it's selling for.

Hero Realms Shaman

Should you get it?

If you are a fan of quick 2 player games that appeals to either casual and competitive players, then yes, go get it right now!

If you rather play this sort of game with a space theme then go check out Star Realms. We will do a review of star realms soon so stay tuned!

Trust us, you won't go wrong with any of the 2 games.

Happy playing!

*Disclaimer: Some pictures used are from the official hero realms website


Hero realms is a great card game that is easy/fun to play if you have the time or just want to play a quick game with a friend. Personally, I like Star realms more due to the theme, but the mechanics are basically the same that I just have to love this game too.


What else can I say? I simply love the art on these cards. The game can be thought to anyone in a few minutes and you will have hours of fun. I also like that there are options to get expansions and such. We will post about that sometime in the future as well.

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  • Snake Spiral


    Oct 09, 2019

    It's indeed a great game and star realms is also a great game.


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