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Ant-Man is the 7th expansion to be added to Marvel Champions. While he is not one of my favorite characters in the MCU, he has a very interesting toolkit in Marvel Champions that really sets him apart from all the other heroes. Let's check him out!


Is Ant-Man good?

I think Ant-Man is currently a very strong hero and will most likely get better as the different aspects get better. His core set includes some very strong cards to build Ant-Man like Ant-Man's Helmet, Wrist Gauntlets, or Giant Strength. These cards are so strong that it doesn't really matter which aspect you choose as long as the cards are able to help you survive until you get the stronger cards on the field.

Ant-Man also has a lot of versatility. His versatility reminds me a lot of Ms. Marvel. He has one alter-ego form and two hero forms (giant, tiny). Each form has something special so you want to change forms a lot while playing. Ant-Man has the following forms:

  • Alter-Ego: Good way to get your health back and also gives you the most cards in your hand.
  • Big form: Huge damage and defense stats, but only gives you 4 cards.
  • Tiny form: Overall good, mostly used for thwarting and gives you 5 cards.

The main weakness of Ant-Man is thwarting. While he does have the two thwart on tiny mode (and also gets to remove a threat when switching to tiny mode), it can feel quite difficult to keep a villain with a lot of schemes in check. However, this doesn't have to be a problem if you punch them down quick enough with your huge damage output.

Marvel Champions Ant-Man Game


Antvangers Assemble!

One of the reasons why I love Ant-Man so much is just the thematic feel of the character. While some thematic implementations of a character don't always translate so well into the game (Yes, looking at you Hulk!), I think Ant-Man feels perfect. Each hero form feels like it has its own theme going on. The giant form is basically Hulk and it feels damn powerful. The tiny form has some focus on the ant cards, thwarting, and drawing cards. Which, if assembled, are able to help you with thwarting and dealing some solid damage in tiny form. And I think the flavor text really matches the funny tone of Ant-Man. My personal favorite is "Antvangers Assemble!" on the Army of Ants card

Marvel Champions Ant-Man Tiny Form Cards



The Ant-Man set also comes with a new mechanic that'll also be present in the Quicksilver & Wanda sets. Cards with the Team-up keyword are very powerful cards that you'll want to include in your deck for sure. However, there is a requirement that you'll have to meet in order to play them. The card specifies two cards that have to be in play in order to be able to play the card. 

The card in Ant-Man lists the Team-up keyword as follows: Team-up (Ant-Man and Wasp). This means that in order to play this card, you'll need Ant-Man and Wasp on the board. This includes heroes or allies.

While the card effects are very strong, I haven't really seen a great reason to include this when playing solo. It's quite difficult to pull this off if you are playing solo, but it's probably a lot easier to play this card if you are doing a multiplayer game. I just rather have a different card in my deck, but I do like the idea behind it.


Giant Ant-Man

Marvel Champions Ant-Man Giant Form

Let's go through all the stats of the different Ant-Man forms starting with the big form. The giant form, as specified earlier, can do a lot of damage. It has 1 thwart, 3 attack, and 3 defense. After changing to this form, you'll also be able to do one damage to an enemy of your choice. Giant Ant-Man is a great form to change to for either damage or protection, but you'll have to make sure that you are not falling behind due to the low hand size. The hand size of Giant Ant-Man is only 4! You'll most likely be able to survive a few turns here as you have 12 health to work with.


Tiny Ant-Man

Marvel Champions Ant-Man Tiny Form

Tiny Ant-Man feels more like a standard hero. His stats are 2 thwart, 1 attack and 2 defense. After changing to this form, you'll be able to remove 1 threat from any scheme. While this tiny form is not able to pack the same punch as the big variant, it's much better at sneaking around and messing around with the villain plans. However, if you build up all the Army of Ant cards, you'll be able to do a solid amount of damage while being in tiny form. The tiny form also gives you an extra card to work with in comparison to its big form.


Scott Lang

Marvel Champions Scott Lang Alter-Ego

Scott Lang is the least impressive form of the three and that's probably the best as you don't want to be in alter-ego form very often due to the thwart weakness. Scott can recover 3 health points and also heals you for 1 when changing to the alter-ego form. This form also gives you the biggest hand size, a total of 6 cards.



Ant-Man comes with a preconstructed leadership deck and it's actually pretty good. It does still lack the thwarting, but most allies included are quite solid and can also help with controlling the threat. Let's go over the aspects:

  • Leadership: I think leadership could be a good aspect for Ant-Man. Ant-Man wants to be drawing cards so that they can play their most powerful cards and start their damage turns and leadership has some good ways to do so. However, I think that Ant-Man itself doesn't really compliment the leadership card, but that the leadership cards themselves are just that good.
  • Protection: I think that the protection aspect is not really an aspect that Ant-Man wants to use. It already has a good life count and has a great defense on the big form and it doesn't really deal with the problem of thwarting.
  • Justice: Justice is probably the best pick for Ant-Man as it helps with the weakness of Ant-Man. Justice is able to remove the threat and Ant-Man is able to deal out the damage with their own cards. It also has a bit of card drawing to help you out. 
  • Aggression: I haven't tried this aspect yet, but I think that aggression could be a good aspect for Ant-Man. Instead of trying to fix the weakness of Ant-Man, we instead just do a lot of damage to the villains.

Marvel Champions Ant-Man Giant Form Cards



Ant-Man is a very versatile hero that has some very strong cards to help him. I think this character will just become stronger and stronger with more aspect cards as they can easily use multiple aspects. The thematic feel of the hero just completes this hero as one of my favorite heroes currently in the game. If you want to have a great solid hero, then you won't go wrong with Ant-Man!

Happy playing!

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