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The Thor hero pack is the third hero pack to be released for Marvel Champions. He is the first Asgardian to be featured in the game. Thor is ready to beat up any enemy on its way, but is he good enough to also take on the villains of Marvel Champions?


Is Thor Good?

Thor can be a good hero, but it usually takes some time to get there especially if you're playing solo. He has some very good cards in his core set like Hammer Throw and Lightning Strike. However, he has to draw those cards first and also be able to have enough resources to play them. Thor's biggest weakness is his hand size. He has a hand size of 4 on the hero side and 5 on the alter-ego side. However, his best power is situated on the hero side, which is quite weak with just 4 cards in your hand.

But Thor also has some very strong things going. Especially his ability on the hero side: "After you engage a minion, draw 2 cards. (Limit once per phase.)". This allows you to quite easily draw more cards that'll help you with setting up your hero but can easily do nothing if you are playing a game without a lot of minions. His ability on the alter-ego side can also be good when used correctly. At first look, it looks a lot like Captain America's Shield however, you are able to use Thor's power every round instead of only at the start of the game. This means that you're able to use the hammer as a resource and call upon it right after to equip it or use it as a resource again. This might help you when you need more resources due to your limited hand. However, at one point you'll also want to equip it as it gives your hero another attack point which can be very valuable.

Thor also has some insane cards that would be a lot better if the hand size was bigger. There is an insane board clear with Lightning Strike however, it takes a long time to set up reliably. Thor also has Lady Sif, which could really benefit Thor if he has a lot of ways to buff his stats. But she is very expensive and there aren't that good buffing cards outside of leadership.



Marvel Champions Thor Alter Ego

Let's go over all the stats of Odison and Thor now. Odison has a hand size of 5, a weakness we have discussed before. This is actually the lowest hand size in the whole game tied with Hulk. I don't think the hand size on the alter-ego is that big of a problem, especially as you have to ability to call back upon Mjolnir which if used correctly, is a very powerful tool. Odinson has a total of 14 hit points, which is quite a high total compared with the other heroes. It allows you to stay in hero form longer and take more damage. Something you want to do as Thor is very good at pushing damage. Odinson has a recovery of 4, which is average among the other heroes. 

The ability of Odison is "Action: Search your deck and discard pile for the Mjolnir upgrade and add it to your hand. Shuffle your deck. (Limit once per round).". I think this is an ability that can be very powerful if used correctly. I am still trying to figure out how to use this most efficiently. I'll either use it too long as a resource or equip it to quickly and then miss a lot on my resources.


Marvel Champions Thor Hero

Thor has a thwart of 1, an attack of 2, and a defense of 2. All his stats are along the lines of the other heroes. The other problem I have had was with his thwart. Thor doesn't come with any cards that help you with thwarting the scheme (except the 1 ally). Justice is a good aspect to use with Thor due to his low thwart ability. However, you'll be sacrificing some attack power that you would get in aggression. Thor has a hand size of 4, which is the lowest hand size tied with She-Hulk and Hulk. I think this does hurt Thor a lot. You'll want to switch back to Alter-Ego because you need the cards however, you can't really do that as it's difficult for Thor to remove threat from the different schemes. 

The ability of Thor is "Response: After you engage a minion, draw 2 cards. (Limit once per phase.)". This ability is great because you are able to draw a maximum amount of 4 cards if you engage a minion in the hero and villain phase. However, this doesn't happen that often and also depends on what sort of villain you are fighting against. Something it'll just do nothing and then you are left with just your normal 4 cards. 


Power vs Control

I think the biggest problem with Thor is his low hand size combined with his low thwart values. This could be fine if Thor is able to do enough damage in a short amount of time, but he doesn't have enough damage to do so fast enough. I tried to build a justice deck that has cards that damage and also help with the low thwarting however, there aren't enough good justice cards to justify that deck right now.

I do feel like that Thor could become a better hero with the right set of cards. If he has a way to delay attacks (like Stun America) and then clear the board with Lightning Strike, I could easily see him become a control hero. The board clear is just that good.

Marvel Champions Thor Game


Honorable Cards

Thor has some very cool cards. Hall of Heroes is a very good control tool that'll allow you to draw 3 cards after killing 3 enemy minions. This card does suffer the same problems if you are facing a deck that does not have a lot of minions, luckily you are able to still use it as a resource unlike Thor himself. Heimdall also fits a more control type of game. I don't think it's used as much right now, but it could easily find its way in a big ally deck.

And then we have Jarnbjorn which can be insane if you have a lot of attack cards (cards with an attack action also count as attacking the enemy). And I believe it's also the first weapon that every hero can use.

Marvel Champions Thor Hero Cards


My opinion

Thor is a difficult hero to review. I love the fact that he is very focused on fighting enemy minions and could be very good at it, but I just feel like he is a weak hero right now. I did hear he's a bit better in multiplayer, but I haven't been able to try him out there. He is not the best hero to play solo. He might become a bit better if there are better justice cards, but I am still not sure if he'll be able to keep up with the other heroes. Right now, I see him more as a support hero for dealing with enemy minions than the main hero.

Happy playing!

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