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Marvel Champions Card Game - What's in the box?

Two Players

What's in the box?

Marvel Champions the card game has only been released for a couple of days, but as an MCU fan, I had to get this game and play with the iconic Marvel characters. To make sure that you know what you are getting, here is a full list of items that will be in the box of Marvel Champions the card game.



  • 343 cards (199 player cards, 137 encounter cards, and 7 reference cards)
  • 30 status cards
  • 62 damage tokens
  • 33 threat tokens
  • 16 all-purpose tokens
  • 5 acceleration tokens
  • 1 first player token
  • 4 player hitpoints dials 
  • 1 villain hitpoint dial
  • 2 rulebooks


The cards

Image of all the cards

You'll find a massive amount of cards in the box, which is logical for a card game. This includes 5 heroes and their corresponding deck. 3 villains and their corresponding decks. There are also some small modular sets that you can add to the villain deck to spice things up a bit. And then there are some more general cards that you can use in your decks. These are not specific to a hero/villain.


Tokens & Status cards

Image of all tokens in marvel champions

Marvel champions the card game consists of a lot of tokens that will be used throughout the game. Worried that you'll run out of them? Don't worry, you have enough tokens here to use in your 4 player games. The treat and damage tokens (The yellow and red tokens on the left) come with values 1, 3 or 5. And the all-purpose tokens (The green tokens) come with values 1 or 3. You also get 3 types of status cards which are also used throughout the game.


Hitpoints dials

Marvel Champions Health counters

The hitpoints dials are used for your own health and the health of the villain. I think they are great. They really fit the theme and seem to be made with expansions in mind. I think they are perfect for the game.



Marvel champions rulebook image

Marvel champions comes with 2 rulebooks. I think they are great. "Learn to play" gives you the rules to start playing your first game and the "Rules reference" is a big overview of all the rules. You'll be using those rulebooks a lot for your first few games, but luckily you can easily find the answers to your questions.


Do you need anything else?

So, is all the above content enough for the game? Yes, it is. However, there are a few extras to invest in if you really want it.

  • Sleeves for the cards
  • Dividers for in the box

The inside of the box is perfectly made for dividers. However, the game does not come with any dividers. This isn't really a big problem, but if you want to keep your decks in a nice spot then it would be good to invest in some nice dividers or make them yourself!


First game

I was really excited to get started with my first game. First, it was time to get everything sorted out with the enormous pile of cards and tokens. For the first game, the rulebook will walk you through everything. The rulebook suggests you start with Spiderman or Captain Marvel and fight against Rhino as the villain. The rulebook then goes on to tell you about all the general rules without going too much into depth.

And after reading all of that, I thought I was ready to jump in. But it didn't really go as quickly as I would have thought. The two rulebooks were used extensively in my first playthrough (and still in the playthroughs after that). There are some little rules that only come up when you actually start playing the game, so the first game took me a bit longer to play than what I had expected.

Although it was a lot of rule reading, I still had a blast with the first villain. It always felt like he was one card away from completing his plans or smashing me away, but that's something you have to account for with your gameplay. I managed to win my first match with Spiderman, but I am sure that I didn't play to my fullest. Now I will probably try the other heroes with Rhino as my villain and then start beating the other villains, hoping that they are even more difficult.

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